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Why you need to get on the First page of Google search

If in the year 2023, you are still not investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then forget about achieving your company goals. There is no doubt that SEO investment is an indispensable part of your online business. Not only does SEO get you a high ranking on Google quality traffic, and high visibility of your website, but also provides you a multifaceted strategy which helps you to advertise, sell as well as boost your brand performance.

Nonetheless, medium and small businesses don’t understand the need to invest in SEO in 2023.

An SEO investment is not only necessary for your business but it’s one of the greatest investments you can make. You can think of an investment in search engine optimization as investing money in a retirement fund for your business — it’s money that will gain value over time and also remain in your account. Similarly, by investing in SEO you create long-term value for your website which will continue to accrue over time.

Why Should I Invest In SEO?

Social Media Marketing Alone Is Not Enough

Yes, channels such as Facebook and Instagram are hot. You’ll find a lot of marketing experts recommending them. And sure, they can play a crucial role in your overall marketing efforts. However, in reality, social media marketing is never sufficient to market your business.

It was found that social media only accounts for 5% of traffic generation. As well, even the best presence on your (or your audience’s) favourite networks will have no direct effect on your search rankings.

Google only incorporates quantifiable data in its search algorithms and as it doesn’t have access to social media metrics, it separates social from search rankings. If you want to rank highly on the SERPs, you need to have an SEO strategy.

Investing In SEO Is Cost Effective

You are able to get to a #1 ranking on a popular search term with definitely no budget at all. As you aren’t able to pay your way to the top, you don’t need a line item. It really can be that straightforward. Instead, SEO is all about the time that you invest as well as the expertise you bring to the table.

Slow And Steady Can Definitely Win The Race

Closely linked to the above notion is the idea that SEO is not effective as it cannot achieve results quickly. That’s true. It takes the average business between four and six months to see a tangible increase in web traffic owing to search optimization. The very essential thing to keep in mind is that this slow and steady approach is actually a good thing.


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