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Backup and Recovery Mississauga

Business data is crucial for every organization, no matter small or large. Right from client information to reports on inventory and sales, it’s important to secure your data from thefts and breaches. When it comes to managed IT services, disaster recovery planning and cloud based backup play a great role in preventing the risk of data loss and threats.

Managed Backup & Recovery Service

We provide Best in class solutions for regular data backup and quick recovery.

Who Doesn't Need a Data Recovery & Backup Plan?

At Voice N Cloud, we are a leading managed IT company in Mississauga serving the local and global businesses with a solid backup and recovery plan to avoid the chances of data loss. Our approach to disaster recovery applies to every enterprise and aims to diminish the risk of human errors, hardware failures, database corruptions, and natural disasters. We backup your crucial business data over the cloud from where it can be accessed anytime. All small to large and local to global businesses need a recovery plan.

Our Approach To Cloud Based Backups

Whether a disaster is natural or man-made, we provide fast recovery speed with a hybrid cloud backup software. With a hybrid cloud backup software and disaster recovery system, our IT specialists can restore the clients’ business continuity within minutes of implementing the recovery process.

Our service features include:

  • Continuous recovery

  • Disaster recovery

  • Data archiving

  • Hybrid cloud recovery

  • Secure data storage

  • Virtual disaster recovery

Know More About Our Data Recovery Services!

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