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Voice N Cloud is a trusted name when it comes to best-in-class managed IT service providers in GTA. Ever since our inception in 2009, we are continuously assisting businesses in managing their IT processes, VoIP services and cloud related services. If you want accurate and reliable results, turn to our experienced IT professionals who can drive your growing business towards the heights of success. Voice N Cloud holds an expertise in managed services for all of your information technology and technical processes. Performance, Accuracy and Reliability is our promise and we are committed to deliver it to provide a strong foundation for your business. From fully managed IT support to design and deployment, VOICE N CLOUD is a trusted technology partner serving small and large organizations in GTA & beyond.. “Behind every great solution and project stays hours of hard work, multiple tests and discussions”.

What We Offer


With our expertise, we take pride in managing all of day to day aspect of your IT operations, be that cloud, Office 365 or PBX, we do it all.

VnC offers trusted VoIP services comprising everything right from the network design to phone system installation and training.

VnC takes care of the backup of your valuable data as to minimize the downtime in times of disaster through recovery.

VnC has team which specializes in data security to offer its client a secured way to store and work on their data.

With our experience and professionalism, we take care of all your IT assets and maintain the vendor relationship.

With our cloud service, you can access your business data, processes and details all over a flexible and secure global cloud platform.

Some times you need help with a one-off. VnC is here to help you with that too.

We have the expertise to take your IT infrastructure needs to the next level. No matter how complex, we have the skills to deliver the solution you need. 

Office 365 Mississauga

VnC has skilled technicians who provide office 365 support to all our clients.

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Let's talk about streamlining IT of your Organization.

Let's determine current state of your IT and the steps that can be taken to build a resilient IT infrastructure you can depend on. With our advisory services, you also receive a framework that sets out a road-map for your future IT projects.

Some benefits of IT consulting and management include:

Cost Reduction

Process Improvement

Process Standardization

Increased Scalability

Resource Optimization

Global Capabilities

Why Audit?

Audits are great tool for detecting problems and for determining the overall health of a network. They include in-depth reviews on network performance, resilience and security. Audits can pin-point exactly what needs most attention, how critical it is and how much it will cost to bring it up to speed. We meet to review the audit findings and to discuss our recommendations. The audit will allow us to become intimately familiar with your network prior to taking on the responsibility.

IT Network Audit

What Makes VnC Different?

With over a two decade of experience, our IT managers focus on working collaboratively to assist you in building a strong industry reputation. With us, rest assured as we always put your business first.

Superior Efficiency

Easier to Manage



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Comprehensive IT & Network Assessment


At VOICE N CLOUD, we present you with the insights of your IT deficiencies and the processes with a no-strings-attached free of cost assessment. By reporting back with the deficiencies and then streamlining your work flow, our assessment is guaranteed in helping to deliver the results.


Analysis of 

Network Configuration

Documentation of Network Hardware

Detailed Network Optimization

Review of Network Topology

Report of Network Performance

Analysis of 

Network Traffic

At VnC, we assess your current networks to deliver the best-in-class network practices and remediation. If you are connected to a phone based VoIP system or a cloud service, we evaluate your future data needs and tailor a networking plan to meet them. We make sure they are optimized and secured with regular security and network audits.

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Expert Team.

IT Managed Service Provider Mississauga
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